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Our experienced professional team can help you implement and install wireless networks.

Wireless Networking 101

What is Wireless Networking?

Most Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology is reshaping the local area networking landscape. Most Wide Local Area Networks (WLAN) are based on a technology known by its IEEE specification number, 802.11. As open standards between WLAN vendors Wireless WLAN Networking Serviceshas emerged, WLAN's now offer the wireless equivalent of Ethernet, providing seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere. We have companies like Symbol Technologies who is the leading the field in terms of wireless technology. Other companies are Intermec, LXE, Teklogix, Handheld Products (HHP), PSC and many more.

WLAN networks are relatively simple to set-up and maintain. Large-scale wireless networks are one of the most common investments in today’s business climate. Providing un-tethered communications, this mobility is the key to improving productivity, profit margin and supporting new applications and directions. To make the most of the advantages wireless networks present, companies must meet the challenge of integrating new wireless solutions and infrastructure into their current system. The expertise required to take advantage of the full potential of wireless technology may be beyond the typical companies in-house resources. Designing this network can be a complex process. This is why organizations call Barcode4Less Professional Services team to help in any size of wireless barcodes implementation. We work with the leading OEM’s to provide a total barcode services solution approach to wireless network implementation & after the sale support.

Professional Services we offer

Barcode4Less offers a complete line of Professional Services to support you on any new or existing wireless network. From the initial Radio Frequency (RF) site survey to staging and configuration services to installation of your wireless barcodes, we are there. For organizations installing wireless local area networks (WLAN), an accurate barcode services site survey is critical to ensuring adequate signal coverage. Barcode4Less' wireless networking professionals are qualified to perform wireless site surveys for all the leading wireless equipment manufacturers.

  • RF Site Surveys: Barcode4Less professional services team can help you identify your preliminary requirements and propose a long-term wireless solution that fits your data collection needs. Learn more...
  • Staging and Configuration: We can shorten your ramp-up time by getting your products ready for you. Learn more...
  • Installation: Barcode4Less professional services team has years of expertise specifying installing and maintaining wireless LANS and wireless data collection systems. Learn more..

Typical Procedure we perform:

  • Perform initial Radio Frequency(RF) Site Survey on site.
  • Write full analysis report of wireless layout, required equipments and software.
  • Installation of wireless networks.
  • Installation of access points, routers, wireless bridges, and antennas.
  • Inspection of installed access points, power, network cable and software.
  • Thorough testing of installed wireless system.
  • Device inspection and software configuration.
  • Final walk-through to verify coverage.

Please call toll-free 1-888-926-8169 or send us an e-mail for any questions.

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