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Symbol SPT1800 barcode repair

Symbol SPT1500 barcode repair

The plan that SAVES you the most money

How does Depot Maintenance Repair Program work?

You purchase a maintenance agreement for a term of one or two years. Barcode4Less repairs almost all barcode terminals from Symbol, Telxon, Intermec, LXE, PSC, Zebra, Datamax, SATO, HHP, Metrologic and many more. When your barcode equipments needs repairs, we'll provide it at no additional charge. All parts and labor are covered. Contract coverage begins as soon as we receive payment. All barcode equipments must be in good working condition prior to being placed on a maintenance agreement plan.  [ Depot Maintenance Repair Form ]

How can Depot Maintenance help me?

A good way to protect your barcode equipments is through our Depot Maintenance Repair Program.  For a low annual fee, depending on your barcode equipments, all maintenance and repair costs are covered no matter how many times the barcode equipments breaks down and no limit on how many times you send your barcode equipments in for repair. See Read Exclusions to all repair programs. for what is not covered. The advantages are protecting your investment (Barcode equipments) against costly repairs while minimizing downtime and potentially saving thousands of dollars.

As many companies do not have large budgets for barcode equipments repair expenses, they can present trouble if you don't exactly know how much it will cost you down the road. Annual maintenance agreements take the guesswork out of your barcode equipment maintenance and repair costs. Companies with modest budget, but has  mission-critical barcode and wireless operations benefit from the security of annual maintenance agreements.

With an annual maintenance agreement, the process of maintenance and repair is greatly simplified.  Anytime you need your barcode equipments to be repaired, it just takes a minute to fill out a form and no more valuable time wasted waiting for quotes and approvals. Contract customer are given Priority status over non-contract customers. Turnaround time is extremely fast.  As an added bonus, each agreement includes a dedicated tech support line and one preventative maintenance calls per year.  With a preventative maintenance call, the barcode equipments is thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned, lubricated, aligned, calibrated, and return to factory specifications, ensuring optimum performance and minimizing the risk of future problems.

Annual Maintenance Agreement Benefits

  • One time annual maintenance covers barcode equipments for an entire year.
  • No hidden charges -- labor, parts, tech support.
  • FREE return freight via UPS Ground included in the contract.
  • Fast response and turnaround times - 1-3 days not including shipping  time.
  • Contract customers receive top priority.
  • One preventative maintenance calls per unit are included in the contract.
  • A dedicated tech support line for contract customers.
  • For thermal printers, annual maintenance contracts we offer optional printhead coverage.
  • Extended coverage plans available.

Our Repair Procedure:

  • Clean and remove all loosed material from case.

  • Clean all circuit boards with ESD safe chemicals.

  • Perform complete diagnostics testing on all handheld computer devices and scanners.

  • Visually inspect all components and replace all with factory parts as required.

  • Check and repair all damaged cables and connectors.

  • Inspect, adjust, clean and tighten display connections.

  • Check liquid crystal display for proper operation and alignment.

  • Check voltage on primary and memory backup batteries.

  • Replace all depleted lithium backup batteries with new ones.

  • Perform and run diagnostic testing on all functions of Radio Frequency and batch equipment.

  • Configure and recalibrate equipment to factory default specifications.

  • Insure a clean aesthetic appearance and run through Quality control  prior to shipping

For more information on Barcode4Less Depot Repair, please contact us at 1-888-926-8169 or email us at customerservice@barcode4less-usa.com.


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