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Barcode4less can support your company

Legacy Products

As part of helping end-users who has not moved to the 802.11 platform Barcode4Less is committed to supporting your ADC service repairs and sales requirements.  This often means providing support to the mission-critical, legacy systems you many already have installed and would like to keep until you are ready to upgrade.

Legacy support

Manufacturer's are gradually terminating tech and sales support as newer equipments with better technology gets developed.  We can help you  maintain your systems to extend their useful life. This will give you the maximum return on your investment.

Discontinued Product Support

We can supply product for almost every ADC brand ever manufactured. This means we have the ability to provide reliable timely repairs long after the manufacturer has lost the inability to support the customer. This is beneficial for businesses who has no budget or plans on moving to a newer platform for the meantime.

Huge Legacy Equipment Inventory

We have a huge collection of refurbished data collection and bar coding equipment. Our inventory includes products from ALL major manufacturers and technologies. We can support and provide our customers with the legacy equipment they need to maintain their systems.

For more information on Barcode4Less Legacy Product Support, please contact us at 1-888-926-8169 or email us at customerservice@barcode4less-usa.com.

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