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Hardware & Software problems let us help

Hardware and Software Upgrade Program

We offer hardware upgrades like memory, (RAM, ROM) scan engine, display and battery type input. As for software, we offer BIOS, OS, ARC, and Kernel upgrades and duplication. Turn around time varies depending on component parts availability. All work is pre-authorized before any service is begun. Please call toll-free 1-888-926-8169 for pricing. [ General Repair Form ]

Our Repair Procedure:

  • Clean and remove all loosed material from case.

  • Clean all circuit boards with ESD safe chemicals.

  • Perform complete diagnostics testing on all handheld computer devices and scanners.

  • Visually inspect all components and replace all with factory parts as required.

  • Check and repair all damaged cables and connectors.

  • Inspect, adjust, clean and tighten display connections.

  • Check liquid crystal display for proper operation and alignment.

  • Check voltage on primary and memory backup batteries.

  • Replace all depleted lithium backup batteries with new ones.

  • Perform and run diagnostic testing on all functions of Radio Frequency and batch equipment.

  • Configure and recalibrate equipment to factory default specifications.

  • Insure a clean aesthetic appearance and run through Quality control  prior to shipping.

How to Get Started with Repairs

Follow these simple steps to initiate your equipment repair excluding Contract customers:

  1. Call for pricing information if required.
  2. Fill out and submit RMA Form. 
  3. Wait for an approved e-mailed RMA number confirmation.
  4. Print and fill out repair questionnaire and attached it with the unit.
  5. Box unit properly and ship equipment to:

ATTN: Service Department
1059 N. Old Rand Rd.
Wauconda, IL. 60084

Read Exclusions to all repair programs.

For more information on Barcode4Less Depot Repair, please contact us at 1-888-926-8169 or email us at customerservice@barcode4less-usa.com.

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