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Intermec Software Downloads

Access Point Applications

MobileLAN™ access Configuration Wizard

This Windows Utility (for XP, Win2K, and WinME) contains many features. Some of these are: Discovery of Intermec AP's, easy configuration across a network of AP's, cloning of AP configurations, easy configuration of security, capability to backup the AP configurations. Requires AP Software R1.90 or newer. Release 12 Nov 2003.

This updated version of MLAU is required if you want to use the 'Distributed Upgrade' method to update your Intermec APs to Release R1.90.


MobileLAN™card 11 for the 6651MobileLAN™card 11 for the 6651

This software package includes the HPC2000 capable driver and utility for your Intermec MobileLAN card 11 wireless network adapter. This release is specifically for the Intermec 6651 handheld computer terminal, and is the only terminal currently supported by this software. Release 30 Nov 2001.


700 Series Color Mobile

MCL-Client for Intermec ver. 3.06
For the Windows Mobile 2003 version of the 700 series terminals. Note that some 700 series terminals use the Pocket PC operating system. Please ensure you download the correct client software from this section. For the Pocket PC 2002 version of the 700 series Terminals. Note that your 700 series terminal may also operating under the Windows Mobile Operating system, which requires a different MCL Client also available on request.

The setup program will upgrade your current TE2000 software to the latest manufacturing released for users who have purchased licenses through the CD distribution. The install also contains demo versions of the latest release for the following terminals: CV60, 7xx Mono and Color, and CK30.

Trakker Antarres 24XX Series

Antares download software.

This version supports all Trakker Antares terminals except for the 246X. Note: Before upgrading your terminal, you need to back up your custom files and applications, such as TE 2000, dcBrowser, and ROM-DOS, so that you can reinstall them after you upgrade your firmware. Can not use TAUPGRADE.EXE for 802.1x security flash or for Batch unit flash. Release 12 Feb 2003.


Choice software
CHOICE.COM Driver file that allows Antares upgrade to work under Win NT.

Antares 8.01.01 Firmware Upgrade ver. 8.01.01
This upgrade version supports all Antares units except the 246x units. Highlights of this release: Avalanche support; improved TCP/UDP network stack: Agere 802.11 firmware version 8.75; GTIN decodes; 1022 CCD scanner support; and a new 12x12 font. See WhatsNew.Txt for a complete list of updates. Release 28 June 2004.

Antares 8.01.01 Firmware Packages ver. 8.01.01
This set of Avalanche packages supports all Antares units except the 246x units. Highlights of this release: Avalanche support; improved TCP/UDP network stack; Agere 802.11 firmware version 8.75; GTIN decodes; 1022 CCD scanner support; and a new 12x12 font. Release 28 June 2004.

Trakker Antarres 2415

imt24udp.exe UDP+ sockets library and header file for Antares. Release 02 Mar 2001.

Trakker Antarres 2420

Patch for PSK 3.2 to use Antares internal MODEM with im_event_wait, im_receive_input, or im_receive_field functions. Run modemlib.exe to extract the files, then read the README.TXT file. Release 02 Mar 2001.

Intermec 5020

Operating System ver 2.0

dcBrowser (Client & Gateway SW) ver. 2.3
Web enabler for handheld 700, 2400 family, 502X, and 6400. Release 06 Nov 2003.

EXE file used by the 5020 and 5023 to help when Active Sync will not connect. Release 08 Nov 2001.

Intermec 6400

psk ver 2.1
Application Development Library for Intermec 6400 Terminal. Release 09 Oct 2001.

6400 Dos utility for configuring the IP and RF parameters. Release 10 Oct 2002.


Ck30 SP1 - Intermec Settings Upgrade
Ck30 Service Pack 1 for upgrades using the Intermec Settings Upgrade Device tool. Release 14 May 2004.

Ck30 SP1 English – SD Upgrade
Ck30 Service Pack 1 for English upgrades using the SD card upgrade method. Release 14 May 2004.


M90 Firmware / Bios version 2.00 (see Reference Manual for upgrade instructions). Release 13 Nov 2003.


DOS tool
Legacy Janus 2.4Ghz Install toolFor use in DOS environments only. Ver. 5.1. Release 02 Mar 2000.

Janus 2020 ver. 4.06 firmware

6400 Dos utilit New 2.4Ghz Janus radio drivers. Release 02 Mar 2001.

Janus AutoManual Cursor fix software
Fixes Auto/Manual Viewport Cursor mode problem

Janus Image Manager ver. 1.71 software
Janus Image Manager ver. 1.71 will only work for 4MB Janus units. It will not work with 1MB Janus units.

PCMCIA card tester
PCMCIA Card Tester PCMCIA card compatibility test program. Tests ATA, SRAM, FLASH and modem cards for compatibility with Intermec products.



ActiveX© Controls ver. 1.2-Build 37 windows driver
Win 95/98, 2000, NT, XP. Requires InterDriver™ Windows drivers. Release 13 Nov 2003.

InterDriver® - Windows driver ver. 6.8.1 M-1_T-917windows driver
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4/XP Supported printers: EasyCoder® 91, 101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 501XP, 601, 601XP, 3240, 3400D, 3400E, 3440, 3600, 4400, 4420, 4440, 4830, 7421, 7422, C4, E4, F2, F4, PF2i, PF4i, PM4i, PX4i, PX6i. Release 18 Oct 2004.


EasyLAN™ Wireless Admin ver. 1.6B
The EasyLAN™ Wireless Admin utility enables you to search for printers with the EasyLAN™ Wireless or EasyLAN™ 10 interface on your network and configure the radio and network parameters for your EasyLAN™ Wireless or EasyLAN™ 10 interface. Applicable EasyLAN interfaces with first six digits of MAC address 00:40:17. Release01 Mar 2004.

Intermec Printer Network Manager ver. 2.1
Intermec Printer Network Manager. Works with complete range of EasyCoder® printers. Full functionality with EasyLAN™ 100i enabled printers (F2, F4, 501XP, 601XP). Runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, or XP. Release 22 Sept 2004.

LabelShop® ULTRA ver. 6.11
Windows label design software. Supported printers: Complete range of Intermec EasyCoder® printers. Release 13 Oct 2003.

LabelShop 6.11 SP2
Service Pack for LabelShop START/ULTRA/PRO v.6.11. Requires LabelShop® v.611 to be installed. Release 23 June 2004.

Intermec Print Monitor ver. 1.0
For EasyLAN™ Wireless / EasyLAN™ 10; Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME. Release 13 Nov 2003.

Printset ver. 2.6
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT4. Supported printers: Complete range of EasyCoder® printers. EasyCoder® 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 3240, 3440, 3600, 4100, 4420, 4440, 4630, 4830, 7421, 3400A, 3400B, 3400C, 4400C, 501XP, 601XP, E4, F2, F4, PF2i, PF4i, PM4i. Release 22 Sept 2004.


Fingerprint application to interpret Datamax datastreams without any host programming changes. For use with the EasyCoder® 501XP, 601XP, F2, F4, PF2i, PF4i and PM4i printers. Download to printer requires the FieldInstaller to auto connect and download Fingerprint applications. User's Guide is also included. Release 22 Oct 2004.

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