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Symbol Software Downloads

Symbol Software Downloads

Access Points

AP 2411 Firmware

AP 3020/3021 Firmware

AP 4111 Firmware

AP 4121 Firmware

AP 4131 Firmware


PDT 3140

PDT 3540

PDT 6140

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PDT 6840

Softwares and Utilities

Memory and Cordless Phaser Software Tools

123 Scan Utility
Scanners supporting 123Scan are listed in the table below. The ability to use 123Scan with all decoded, ADF capable Symbol scanners will be added throughout 2002.

Scanner Support 123Scan

Required Firmware Level*

P360/P460 (1MB) Memory Scanner Revision P or higher
P360/P460 (4MB) Memory Scanner Revision M or higher
P370/P470 Cordless Scanner Revision G or higher
P370ALR Revision G or higher

Wireless Utility

Plus Pack
The Spectrum24 Plus Pack Tool is a Symbol developed software tool that has been made freely available to our customers.  This tool allows users to update firmware in the wireless cards, check received signal strength, show known Access Points and more. Please review the included read me PRIOR to attempting to use the software.

This is a utility use to download hex images for all Series 3000 products.

This is a utility to download hex images for newer Symbol equipments like Pocket PC's.

This LWP will contain the new Flash Disk and RF drivers. The flash chip change for the Series 3000 driver upgrade will affect all customers even if their applications use the Symbol LAN Work Place (LWP).

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